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Om Wellness Has Some Exciting News!

We Are Joining With Soul-To-Soul Mediumship And Raven coaching to bring you soul talks

Soul Talks holds monthly discussions, classes, and workshops to create a safe place for people to listen to what their souls are trying to tell them.

Participants will explore their purpose and discuss soul matters in an open and inclusive community. In a world of chaos, division, uncertainty, and fear, Soul Talks aims to provide a gathering place for acceptance, self-knowledge, and support.

What is Soul Talks? It’s not a cult, not a clique, and not a club. We are not your gramma’s gurus. Soul Talks is it’s own thing, and here are some of our top goals:

At Soul Talks We Do Three Things

1. Build A Community

Many of us are experiencing a spiritual or soul awakening, but it can be difficult to find a place to talk about what we are going through. Soul Talks is building a community where people from all backgrounds and beliefs can gather to discuss their spiritual journey, ask questions, and build connections.

2. Share Knowledge

The Soul Talks community includes some amazing practitioners like energy healers, mediums, channelers, therapists, and coaches. Soul Talks classes allow these practitioners to share their craft and allow participants to explore and discover the world of intuitive and light work.
These classes are a great way to learn more about a particular topic or gain skills or certification in a specific practice. Join us for one of these classes to expand your mind and skillset.

3. Spread Love, Compassion And Acceptance

The world today is filled with chaos, division, uncertainty, and fear. For many of us, traversing these times means looking inward for strength and purpose.

When we do, we feel the pull of something deep inside our core. We struggle to describe it, name it, and draw its shape, but it is there urging us to look for something more, something beyond what we know, something beyond ourselves.

Soul Talks is working to foster unity and raise the vibration of the planet.

You Are Invited To Join Us

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Gaby Milan

I have always been spiritual. My mission in life is to serve others and inspire people to find joy, heal their traumas, love themselves, and transform their lives. My work is built around inspiring others to see their true divinity and remember that we are all infinite souls having a human experience in this magical world.

I do all that I can to learn and grow so that I can help others on their journey. In 2015, I became a Reiki Master Teacher through the International Center of Reiki. That same year, I began attending The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where I studied until 2017 and became certified as a transformational life coaching and clinical hypnotherapist. I’ve taken online classes from places such as the Holistic Institute, and I have additional certificates as a Law of Attraction Coach and Mindfulness Elemental Teacher.
I started this journey in 2015 in a small shared office, and now after years of coaching and facilitating healing for others, I have expanded into three wonderful wellness centers, including OM Wellness and Ananda Healing Arts. Through this community of more than 20 amazing practitioners, I offer numerous alternative and holistic therapies and classes. I am deeply grateful for the community that Soul Talks is building, and I humbly offer my spiritual expertise to this growing community.
I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband Juve and my miracle daughter Natalia. I love to travel, hold space for people, and read poetry, self-help books, and psychology. You will often find me somewhere sitting on a beach connecting to my higher self and the universe. I love nature!

Victoria Ravenscroft

I am an empath, energy healer, channeler, and coach. I guide people to shift their mindset so they can transform, live their purpose, and find happiness. I know first-hand the power of the work I do because a decade ago, I faced debilitating physical health issues and severe chronic pain.


This drove me into mental and emotional turmoil. Through Reiki and spiritual coaching, I started a journey of spiritual rediscovery that opened my world and helped me change my mindset and my life. My journey and the power of what I discovered inspire me to help others.

My professional experience over the past 20 years has taken me from the performing arts to human rights and environmental policy, and finally, the energy sector, working as an attorney and manager. All these experiences have prepared me to follow my purpose: helping people. I have coached people in the corporate world for many years, and I am a certified Reiki practitioner. I combine these skills with channeling, a gift I have had my whole life, to guide people on their own journey and ultimately shift their mindset. 

Originally from Colorado, my husband and I have called Utah home for more than a decade. We raised two children who are now adults exploring their own life journeys. As “empty nesters” my husband and I enjoy scuba diving, camping, and spending time with our many animal companions.

Shannon Wilson

My mission is to help spiritually empower other souls by helping to heal those in pain, teaching others how to speak their truth, and by helping my clients find their life’s purpose so that they can align to their highest selves and experience life to its fullest potential.

My motto is, “No Soul Left Behind!”


I recall that as a child, I was very sensitive to energy and other people’s emotions. When I became an adolescent, the level of empathy I felt for the people around me became overwhelming, so I closed it off. It wasn’t until the birth of my last daughter, that these spiritual gifts re-emerged in a way I could no longer ignore. 

My path crossed with a psychic medium who instantly identified me as “clairvoyant,” and with absolutely no understanding at the time, I asked her if I had a disease! Soon after, I was blessed to cross paths with a renowned psychic medium, Jeanette Smith who took me under her wing. Jeanette saw my abilities and she extended a personal invitation for me to join her private mediumship circle. Alongside some of the most inspiring intuition. I am currently at Om Wellness where I love meeting and helping souls. I continue to train and develop my skills to this day.

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