Meet Kelly Brown Demers
I have always called Salt Lake City my home. If I’m not at work I’m probably chasing my twin toddler boys and squeezing in quality time with my teen daughters. I have been a practicing Master Esthetician for over twenty years. After earning a B.S. of Psychology from Westminster College I also earned my Master Esthetics training through an apprenticeship

It was then that I realized my true therapeutic talents were helping people with problematic skin issues. I like to think that the product line my mom created and that I have helped evolve over the years has not only been the driving force behind my practice because of its corrective abilities but also because of the healing and ritualistic aspect, it takes on in the lives of those who use it. Our product line Corrective Skin Care is thoughtfully formulated with natural and quality ingredients to provide visible results. 

I have a passion for what I get to do every day as an esthetician and what I see it bring into peoples lives. I am always taking new clients, but sometimes schedules don’t mesh. I am lucky to have my work colleague Andrea Kowalk to help see clients as well. Together we make a great team to provide our clients with a well-rounded variety of aesthetic treatments and procedures. You can see our products and services on our website at 

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