Hello, my name is Katie Kennedy, I have lived in Utah most of my life, and married the love of my life and have two beautiful kids…I couldn’t ask for more!!  I love absolutely love being in nature and always feel my best when doing so.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew that I wanted to heal people’s emotional wounds. I had always thought I would end up going into the field of psychology, but my life took a little bit of a different path, as most of ours do.  I have always had this deep calling within to be of service and make a difference during my time here on this earth.

I’ve always been an extremely spiritual individual and a had a strong belief in God or a higher power, however, you choose to word it.  I have always been overwhelmed by the divine spirit and have always believed we are not alone in our life or in our ability to be healed.

I have a strong passion for holistic healing, through energetic work and natural medicine.  I believe we were given plants and our own inner ability to overcome our emotional and physical issues.

I love meeting new people and helping them along this crazy journey we call life. I feel that we are all here to have this human experience, each of us following the beat of our own heart and experiencing and learning through each of our trials.  As we go along there are experiences that occur that we hang onto or that we get tripped up on along the way.  These tests and trials are a natural process, and a learning opportunity for us to grow, which I feel is the whole purpose of this life. This can be challenging at times and affect us in ways we may not even realize, I have learned that with the help of energy healing, you can release that energy that no longer serves you and get you back into alignment with your higher self.

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